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Free PDF Pattern for Crocheting a Big Koala Amigurumi

A pretty cute koala amigurumi pattern. It’s really nice to share these kinds of free recipes. Thank you to the designer. The koala is a peculiar animal that is quite similar to bears in general. He spends most of the day sleeping. He is famous for his hugs. He can sleep all day, hugging trees. Today I will share the crochet koala pattern with you. I would say there are some differences in crochet patterns. Here, velvet rope was used while making amigurumi. But don’t let this mislead you. It will be pretty easy to do.

Koala bear knitting workshop.
Author: Natalia Vavilova.
The height of the finished toy is 20 cm.

AR – Amigurumi Magic ring
MR – Amigurumi Magic ring
App – application
ll – lift loop
sc : Single Crochet
inc : Increase
dec : Decrease
tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet
st: Stitch
dc : Double Crochet
hdc: Half Double Crochet
sl-st : Slip Stitch
ch : Chain : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).
FLO : Crochet into front loops only
BLO : Crochet into back loops only
BL : Bobble Stitch – do 5dc all in the same stitch and then yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook (the original loop + 1 loop for each partially completed dc).

Legs (2 parts)
We start knitting with a dark gray thread:
1)7 sc in MR;
2)7 inc (14);
3) (1sc, inc) х6 time (21), change the thread to the main one (mine is gray);
4)21 sc;
5)7 sc, 2 dec, 1 sc, 2 dec, 5 sc (17);
6)7 sc, 3 dec, 4 sc (14);
7)14 sc;
8)dec, 12 sc (13);
9-13)13 sc – 5 rows ;
14) 1 sc, dec, 10 sc (12), knit 1 more sc, fill bottom with filler, fold leg in half and knit 6 sc on both sides, trim and hide.

Hands (2 parts)
We knit with a thread of the main color:
1)7 sc in MR;
2)7 inc (14);
3-4)14 sc – 2 rows;
5)(5 sc, dec ) х 2times(12);
6)(4 sc, dec ) х 2times(10);
7-9) 10 sc – 3 rows;
10-12) dec, 3 sc, inc, 4 sc – 3 rows;
Fill bottom with filler. Fold the handle in half, knit 5 sc on both sides, fasten the thread, cut and hide.

We knit with a thread of the main color:
1)6 sc in MR;
2)6 inc (12);
3)(1 sc, inc) х 6 time (18);
4)(2 sc, inc) х 6 time (24);
5)(3 sc, inc) х 6 time (30);
6)(4 sc, inc) х 6 time (36);
7)36 sc;
We knit the legs:
8) 6 sc, 6 sc with the first leg (from heel to toe), 12 sc, 6 sc with the second leg (from toe to heel), 6 sc (36);
9-10)36 sc-2 rows;
11) 15 sc, dec, 1 sc, dec, 1 sc, dec, 13 sc (33) Average Decrease should be exactly in the middle of the abdomen);
12) 15 sc, 3 dec, 12 sc (30), Decreases should be in the middle of the abdomen;
13-14)30 sc – 2 rows;
15)( 3 sc, dec) х 6 time (24);
16)24 sc, fill the body with filler;
17)(2 sc, dec ) х 6 time (18);
We knit the hands:
18) 4 sc, 5 sc with first handle, 3 sc, 5 sc with second handle, 1 sc. Make sure the handles are straight at the sides.
19) 18 sc, leave some thread to sew on the head, fasten and cut.

We knit with a thread of the main color.
We insert the 15 mm eyes on a secure fastening during knitting between the 6th and 7th row of the head, the distance between them is 6 increments from hdc.

1)6 sc in MR;
2)6 inc (12);
3)(1 sc, inc) х 6 time (18);
4)(2 sc, inc) х 6 time (24);
5)(3 sc, inc) х 6 time (30);
6)12 sc, 6 inc из hdc(half double crochet), 12 sc (36);
7)12 sc, (1 hdc, inc) х 6 times, 12 sc (42);
8-13)42 sc -6 rows;
14)(5 sc, dec) х 6 time (36);
15)(4 sc, dec ) х 6 time (30);
16)(3 sc, dec ) х 6 time (24), stuff your head with filler;
17)(2 sc, dec ) х 6 time (18);
18)(1 sc, dec ) х 6 time (12);
19) 6 dec, pull the thread, cut and hide.

We knit with a black thread.
1) 6 ch, in the second loop we knit an increase, then along the chain 3 sc, 3 sc in the first loop, along the second side of the chain 3 sc, inc;
2) 2 inc, 3 sc, 3 inc, 4 sc, fasten the thread, cut off.

Ears (2 parts)
We knit 4 identical parts, two white, two gray, do not cut the thread for gray parts, continue knitting.
We knit in rotary rows:
1)4 sc in MR, ch, turn;
2)4 inc, ch, turn (8);
3)(1 sc, inc) х 4 times, ch, turn (12);
4)(2 sc, inc) х 4 times(16), pull the thread, cut off.
Attach the white and gray parts of the ears to each other and tie around both parts in a circle with single crochet columns.
Leave the thread for sewing the ears to the head, cut off.

A speck on the belly
We knit with a white thread:

1) 8 ch, in the second loop we knit an increase, then along the chain 6 sc, in the first loop 3 sc, on the back of the chain 7 sc, ch, we turn the knitting;
2)7 sc, 3 inc, 7 sc, ch, turn;
3) 7 slst , (1 sc, inc) x 3 times, 1 sc, 7 slst, fasten the thread, leave for sewing, cut off.
Sew the muzzle to the head, if desired, make the eyes tighten, embroider the eyebrows, sew on the ears. Sew the head to the body. Sew a white spot on the belly.
The toy is ready! Smooth loops for you !!!

Girls-needlewomen, knit with pleasure and tag @vavilova_toys as the author of the scheme of your koala.

That’s all for today, friends. I hope you like the koala amigurumi toys. For other animal amigurumi patterns, you can examine the category of other crochet patterns. In addition, please continue to follow me for beginner amigurumi patterns.

The Big Koala Amigurumi Crochet Free PDF Pattern is a delightful and easy-to-follow guide for creating a charming and huggable koala amigurumi. This pattern is perfect for both beginners and experienced crocheters looking to create a cute and cuddly addition to their collection or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

The pattern includes detailed instructions, step-by-step photos, and a list of materials needed to bring this adorable koala to life. With its big round eyes and fluffy ears, this amigurumi is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Not only is this pattern incredibly fun and rewarding to make, but it also serves as an excellent way to practice basic amigurumi techniques such as increasing, decreasing, and working in the round. Plus, the finished koala can be customized with different colors and embellishments to make it truly unique.

So why not try your hand at making this Big Koala Amigurumi Crochet Free PDF Pattern today? It’s a wonderful way to unleash your creativity, relax, and create something special that will be cherished for years to come.