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Free Crochet Pattern for a Rattle Fox Amigurumi named Henry in PDF format.

My friends, today I am going to share a wonderful rattle fox pattern. First of all, a big thank you to miss.tiedbow for this great pattern. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to make. An amigurumi that requires mastery. The size is quite adequate. It measures approximately 16 cm. After you make the parts separately, you put them together. You can make eyes, nose and eyebrows as you dream. Now if you are ready let’s get started and make this amazing crochet fox rattle.


• Anchor Organic No. 0105 (natural), No. 0309 (caramel brown) and No. 1332 (black)
• Scheepjes Catona No. 395 (Willow)
• black and white thread for the nose, eyes and eyebrows
• rattle
• pink eyeshadow for the cheeks
• a black pencil for the freckles
• toy stuffing
• stitch marker
• hook 2.5mm
• pins for sewing
• needle for sewing
• scissors

Unless otherwise stated, the rattle is crocheted in spiral rounds. Always mark the beginning of the round. Stuff regularly. Henry is about 16cm tall.

st: stitch
sc: single crochet
mr: magic ring
inc: increase
dec: decrease
ch: chain
slst: slip stitch
rnd: round
r: row
tch: turning chain
dc: double crochet
(…)*x: repeat x times

Begin with color natural.
1. 6sc into a mr -6-
2. 6sc -6-
3. (inc)*6 -12-
4. 12sc -12-
5. (sc, inc)*6 -18-
6. 18sc -18-
Change to color black.
7. (2sc, inc)*6 -24-
8. 24sc -24-
Change to color caramel brown.
9. (3sc, inc)*6 -30-
10. (4sc, inc)*6 -36-
11. (5sc, inc)*6 -42-
12.-16. 42sc (5rnd) -42-
17. (5sc, dec)*6 -36-
18. 36sc -36-
19. (4sc, dec)*6 -30-
Start stuffing.
20.-22. 30sc (3rnd) -30-
23. (8sc, dec)*3 -27-
24.-28. 27sc (5rnd) -27-
29. (7sc, dec)*3 -24-
30. (6sc, dec)*3 -21-
31. (5sc, dec)*3 -18-
Cut the thread for sewing the head.

Begin with color natural.
1. 6sc into a mr -6-
2. (sc, inc)*3 -9-
3. (2sc, inc)*3 -12-
4. (3sc, inc)*3 -15-
5. (4sc, inc)*3 -18-
6. 18sc -18-
7. 6sc, (inc)*6, 6sc -24-
8. 6sc, (sc, inc)*6, 6sc -30-
9. 6sc, (2sc, inc)*6, 6sc -36-
10. (5sc, inc)*6 -42-
11. (6sc, inc)*6 -48-
12.-20. 48sc (9rnd) -48-
21. (6sc, dec)*6 -42-
22. (5sc, dec)*6 -36-
23. (4sc, dec)*6 -30-
24. (3sc, dec)*6 -24-
25. (2sc, dec)*6 -18-
26. (sc, dec)*6 -12-
27. (dec)*6 -6-
Cut the thread and hide it.

Begin with color caramel brown.
1. 6sc into a mr -6-
2. (inc)*6 -12-
3. (sc, inc)*6 -18-
4. (2sc, inc)*6 -24-
5. (3sc, inc)*6 -30-
6. (4sc, inc)*6 -36-
7. (5sc, inc)*6 -42-
8. (6sc, inc)*6 -48-
9.-15. 48sc (7rnd) -48-
Crochet in rows.
16.-17. 8sc, tch (2r) -8-
18. dec, 4sc, dec, tch -6-
19.-20. 6sc, tch (2r) -6-
21. dec, 2sc, dec, tch -4-
22. 4sc, tch -4-
23. (dec)*2, tch -2-
24. 2sc -2-
25. dec, tch -1-
Crochet around the entire cap once until you’re back at the ch from the beginning. I recommend crocheting 2sc in each corner of the forehead stripe. Finish the round with one sl st in the ch, cut the thread for sewing the cap on the head.

Sew the cap on the head. The forehead stripe must be sewed up to the mr. Try out how it fits best and take your time positioning it.

Begin with color natural.
1. 6sc into a mr -6-
2. 6sc -6-
1 Change to color black.
3. (sc, inc)*3 -9-
Change to color caramel brown.
4. (2sc, inc)*3 -12-
5. (sc, inc)*6 -18-
6.-8. 18sc (3rnd) -18-

Cut the thread for sewing. The ears are sewn on with a distance of 6 visible sc over round 8 to 12 of the cap.

Begin with color willow.
Chain 22 and start in 3rd ch. Try out if the chain fits around the neck.
If necessary, you have to adjust the length.
Crochet 4dc in each ch.
Cut the thread for sewing

1. Sew the head to the body.
2. Eyes and lashes are embroidered in round 10 over 3sc.
3. The eyebrows are embroidered over 2sc in R11 to R12.
4. The nose is embroidered over the MR of the head.
5. Apply some blush if you like. Freckles suit Henry as well.

This is a free crochet pattern for a cute and cuddly rattle fox named Henry. The pattern is available in PDF format and is suitable for intermediate-level crocheters. Henry is made using the amigurumi technique, which involves creating a stuffed toy with continuous spirals of yarn. The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to make the body, legs, arms, and tail of the fox, as well as how to add the rattle inside. The finished fox measures approximately 10 inches tall and is perfect for little ones to play with. This pattern is a great way to practice your amigurumi skills and create a unique and personalized gift for a baby shower or birthday.