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Crochet Pattern for a Pink Plush Bunny

Hello dear friends. Would you like to make an amazing bunny amigurumi today? Today’s free amigurumi pattern is a wonderful bunny. It is made with plush yarn. I hope you will like it.

This amigurumi bunny pattern from Oksana Dolgova on crocheting a bunny from plush yarn. To create an amigurumi bunny, the author used hook No. 4 and Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn. The legs and arms of the toy are crocheted in the process of crocheting the torso, the rest of the details are sewn on. The height of the finished bunny is 16-18 cm.

Designer: lovetoys_for_you

Necessary materials
1. Plush yarn in two colors Himalaya Dolphin Beby or YarnArt Dolce
2. Plastic spout 14mm, can be smaller
3. Plastic eyes at your discretion can be 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm
4. Hook No. 4 or No. 3, 5
5. yarn in the color of the main yarn for sewing on details When using these materials, the toy turns out to be 16-18 cm in size (the size may differ depending on your crocheting density)

AR – Amigurumi Magic ring
MR – Amigurumi Magic ring
3in1 – crochet 3 columns in one loop
sc : Single Crochet
inc : Increase
dec : Decrease
tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet
st: Stitch
dc : Double Crochet
hdc: Half Double Crochet
sl-st or Slst: Slip Stitch
ch : Chain
tch: Turnin chain crochet : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).
FLO : Crochet into front loops only
BLO : Crochet into back loops only

Ears (2 parts)
We crochet with the main color
1. 5sc in MR(5)
2. 5inc (10)
3. (1sc; inc) *5 times (15)
4. (4sc; inc) *3 times (18)
5-7. 18 sc without changes (3rows)
8. (4sc; dec) * 3 times (15)
9. 15 sc without changes
10. (3sc; dec) * 3 times (12)
11. 12sc without changes
12. (2sc; dec) * 3 times (9)
Fasten the yarn to hide in the ear Fold the ears in half and sew.

We start crocheting with a light color.
1. 8 sc in MR (6)
2. 1sc; 3sc in 1 loop; 3sc; 3sc in 1 loop; 2sc (10) – the marker is located at the bottom of the head
3. (1sc inc) * 5 times; 2sc (17)
Change color to main.
4. 4sc; 1inc; 2sc (change color to light 1sc; 1inc; 1sc) then change color to main 2sc 1inc; 4sc (20)
5. 6sc; (1inc; 1sc) *4 times; 6sc (24)
6. (2sc; inc) *8 times (32)
We will insert the eyes between the 4th and 5th rows so that four light-colored loops are between the eyes. We put the spout between the 1st and 2nd rows.
7-11. . 32sc without changes (5 rows)
12. (2sc; dec) *8 times (24)
Stuff the head with filler Spread the filler evenly in the muzzle
13. (2sc; dec) *6 times (18)
14. (1sc; dec) *6 times (12)
Fill head with filler.
15. 6dec (6)
Pull the hole, fasten the yarn and hide.

We do not stuff the tail. We crochet with the main color.
1. 5sc in MR (5)
2. 5inc (10)
3. (1sc; inc) *5 times (15)
4. (1sc; dec) * 5 times (10)
Fasten the yarn, cut, hide.

Arms (2 parts)
We crochet the arms with the main color, do not stuff.
1. 4sc in MR (4)
2. 4inc (8)
3-5. 8sc without changes 3 rows (8)
6. 1sc; dec; 5sc (7)
7-10. 7sc without changes (4 rows)
Fold together and crochet 3sc.

Legs (2 parts)
We start crocheting with a light color.
We stuff in the process of crocheting.
1. 7sc in MR (7)
2. 7inc (14)
Change color to main
3-5. 14sc without changes (3 rows) – the marker is located behind the leg
6. 3sc; 4dec; 3sc (10)
7-10. 10sc without changes (4 rows)
11. (3sc; dec) *2 times (8)
12. 8sc without changes
Align the leg, if necessary, crochet additional leveling sc, so that the marker is at the back. Fold and crochet 4sc.
We will crochet the arms and legs in the process of crocheting the body.

We crochet with the main color. We stuff in the process of crocheting.
1. 6sc in MR(6)
2. 6inc (12)
3. (1sc; inc) *6 times (18)
4. (2sc; inc) *6 times (24)
5. (11sc; inc) *2 times (26) – the marker is at the back in the middle
6. In this row we will crochet legs 4sc; 4sc together with leg; 9sc; 4sc together with leg; 5sc
7-8. 26sc without changes (2 rows)
9. (11sc; dec) *2 times (24)
10. 24sc without changes
11. (2sc; dec) *6 times (18)
12. (4sc; dec) *3 times (15)
13. Let’s crochet arms. Align the arms with the legs first. The distance between the arms in front will be 4 loops, 5 loops in the back, and we will crochet 3sc together with the handles. total in a row of 15 loops.
14. (3sc; dec) *3 times (12)
15. (1sc; dec) *4 times (8)
Fasten the yarn and cut.

1. We do the tightening of the head.
We introduce a needle with a yarn in color, from the bottom of the head, in the middle between the fourth and fifth rows. We derive under the left eye from the outer edge. Stepping back to the inner edge of the eye, insert the needle and withdraw it from the inner edge of the second eye. We retreat to the outer edge of the eye and insert the needle, bring it out at the original point. We pull not very strongly and tie the yarn. Let’s do the same again.
You can leave it like that, but if you want, you can make another tightening.

(The muzzle will look neater)
At this time, we insert the needle in the same place, from the bottom of the head, between the fourth and fifth rows. Only for this times we will output alternately between the four columns between the eyes. The needle was inserted from below, brought out near the inner corner of the left eye.
Stepping back one column towards the second eye, we insert the needle and withdraw it at the original point.
Next, we retreat one column, insert the needle below, bring it out near the second column between the eyes. We retreat one column towards the right eye, insert the needle and withdraw it at the initial point.
We retreat one column to the side and again insert the needle at the very first point …
We will do the above action with all four columns between the eyes. We don’t pull very hard.
At the end, tie the yarn. Hide the ends in the head.
2. We sew the ears between 10 and 11 rows in the center, first we squeeze them a little on the sides.
3. We make out the muzzle.
4. Sew on the tail.
5. Sew on the head.

The Pink Plush Bunny Crochet PDF Amigurumi Pattern is a delightful and easy-to-follow guide for creating a charming pink bunny plush toy. This pattern is perfect for both beginners and experienced crocheters looking to create a lovely handmade gift or addition to their collection.

With clear instructions and step-by-step photos, this pattern will guide you through the process of creating a soft and huggable pink bunny plush. The amigurumi technique used in this pattern creates a beautifully textured and plump appearance, making it perfect for little ones to snuggle with.

The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to create the bunny’s body, ears, and legs, as well as how to add the finishing touches such as eyes and nose. You will also find tips and tricks throughout the pattern to help you achieve the perfect results.

Using basic crochet stitches, this pattern is suitable for yarn lovers of all skill levels. The finished bunny measures approximately 12 inches tall, making it the perfect size for cuddles and playtime.

So why not try your hand at creating a cute and cuddly pink bunny plush using this wonderful PDF amigurumi pattern? Not only will you have a beautiful handmade creation, but you’ll also enjoy the satisfaction of having made something with your own two hands.