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Rabbit Wearing Overalls Amigurumi Pattern

Dear friends, today we will crochet a very different and easy bunny amigurumi. When you examine the bunny amigurumi pattern, you will see that it can be made with basic crochet knowledge. You can try to make color transitions and parts even if there are many. The bunny may look a little big, but once you start making it, you can easily finish it. As for the color, I don’t think the right choices were made. If you choose more vibrant colors, you can make a more cute amigurumi. Now let’s crochet the bunny amigurumi step by step.

Designer: toys_give_joys 

Necessary materials:
1. Yarn Alize Cotton Gold or YarnArt Jeans of the main and additional colors.
2. Hook number 1.75 or 2 (whichever is convenient for you to crochet).
3. Eyes on secure fastening 8mm or beads
4. yarn for tightening and embroidering faces
5. Holofiber or synthetic fluff
6. Rattles (optional)
7. Two buttons 8-9mm
8. Needle

AR – Amigurumi Magic ring
LL: Lifting loop Click for mean!
MR – Amigurumi Magic ring
App – application
sc : Single Crochet
inc : Increase
dec : Decrease
tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet
st: Stitch
dc : Double Crochet
hdc: Half Double Crochet
sl-st : Slip Stitch
ch : Chain : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).
FLO : Crochet into front loops only
BLO : Crochet into back loops only
BL : Bobble Stitch – do 5dc all in the same stitch and then yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook (the original loop + 1 loop for each partially completed dc)

1р. 6sc in MR
2р. 6 increase (12sc)
3р. (1sc , 1inc )×6 (18sc)
4р. (2sc , 1inc )×6 (24sc)
5р. (3sc , 1inc )×6 (30sc)
6р. (4sc , 1inc )×6 (36sc)
7р. (5sc , 1inc )×6 (42sc)
8р. (6sc , 1inc )×6 (48sc)
9р. (7sc , 1inc )×6 (54sc)
10р. (8sc , 1inc )×6 (60sc)
11-15р. crochet 60sc
16р. We put a marker 7sc (3sc ,1inc )×4times; 14sc (3sc ,1inc )×4times ,7sc (68sc)
17р. 7sc (4sc ,1inc )×4times; 14sc (4sc ,1inc )×4times ,7sc (76sc)
18-20р. crochet 76sc
At this stage, we insert safe eyes, for this, in the 16th row, we count from the marker, 6sc to the left and 6sc to the right, inserted, welded, fixed. And you can start stuffing your head little by little.
21р. 7sc (4sc ,1dec )×4times; 14sc (4sc ,1dec )×4times ,7sc (68sc)
22р. 7sc (3sc ,1dec )×4times; 14sc (3sc ,1dec )×4times ,7sc (60sc)
23р. (8sc ,1dec )×6times (54sc)
24р. (7sc ,1dec )×6times (48sc)
25р. (6sc ,1dec )×6times (42sc)
26р. (5sc ,1dec )×6times (36sc)
27р. (4sc ,1dec )×6times (30sc)
28р. (3sc ,1dec )×6times (24sc)
28р. (2sc ,1уб)×6times (18sc)
Do not forget to fill your head with holofiber.
29р. (1sc ,1уб)×6times (12sc)
30р. 6 decrease, close tightens the hole, fix and cut the yarn.

Upper legs (hands):
1р. 6sc in MR
2р. 6 increase (12sc)
3р. (1sc , 1inc )×6 (18sc)
4р. (2sc , 1inc ) ×6 (24sc)
5р. (3sc , 1inc )×6 (30sc)
6-8р.(30sc )
We insert the rattles.
9р. (3sc ,1dec )×6times (24sc )
10р. 24sc (Stuff the foot while crocheting.)
11р. (2sc ,1dec )×6times (18sc )
12р. (4sc ,1dec )×3times (15sc )
13-27р. (15sc )
!!! We do not fill the foot tightly !!!
28r. Fold crocheting in half, crochet together 7sc.Fasten the yarn.
We crochet the second foot in the same way.

Lower foot (leg):
1р. 6sc in MR
2р. 6 increase (12sc)
3р. (1sc , 1inc )×6 (18sc)
4р. (2sc , 1inc )×6 (24sc)
5р. (3sc , 1inc )×6 (30sc)
6р. (4sc , 1inc )×6 (36sc)
7-8р. (36sc )
We insert the rattle.
9р. (4sc ,1dec )×6times (30sc)
10р. crochet 30sc
11р. (3sc ,1dec )×6times (24sc)
12р. crochet 24sc
13р. (2sc ,1dec )×6times (18sc)
14р. 18sc
We do not stuff the lower legs.
15 rub. Folds the crocheting in half. crochet 9sc. Fasten the yarn.
We crochet the second foot in the same way.

Shorts (blank for shorts)
We collect a chain of 26 air loops, connect them into a ring and crochet 6 rows in an additional color, finish the row of connecting st. we fix the yarn.
We crochet the second workpiece, the same way.

We put on the legs in shorts:
We yarn the finished knife into the workpiece of the shorts, smooth the workpiece in half, so that the leg is in the center and crochet everything together, fasten the yarn 13sc.
We do the second part in the same way.

We start crocheting with an additional (color of the shorts)
1р. 8sc in MR
2р. 8 increase (16sc)
3р. (1sc , 1inc ) ×8 (24sc)
4р. (2sc , 1inc )×8 (32sc)
5р. (3sc , 1inc )×8 (40sc)
6р. (4sc , 1inc )×8 (48sc)
7р. (5sc , 1inc )×8 (56sc)
8р. (6sc , 1inc )×8 (64sc)
9р. (7sc , 1inc )×8 (72sc)
10р. (72 sc)
11р. We crochet the legs
12-14р. (72sc)
15р. (7sc 1dec )×8times (64sc)
16-18р. (64sc)
19р. (6sc 1dec )×8times (56sc)
22р. Change the color to the main one and crochet by the back loop (56sc)
23р. (5sc 1dec )×8times (48sc)
24-31р. (48sc)
32р. (4sc 1dec )×8times (40sc)
33р. We crochet the legs, focusing on the lower legs, we crochet 7sc with a foot., 14sc, 7sc with a foot, 14sc (40sc)
34р. (3sc 1dec )×8times (32sc)
35р. (2sc 1dec )×8times (24sc)
36р. (1sc 1dec )×8times (16sc)
37р. (8 dec) pull off the hole, secure and cut the yarn.

We take the hook number 2, if we crochet it and do not change anything.
1р. 4sc in MR
2р. 4 inc (8sc)
3р. (1sc , 1inc )×4 (12sc)
4р. (2sc , 1inc )×4 (16sc)
5р. (3sc , 1inc )×4 (20sc)
6р. (4sc , 1inc )×4 (24sc)
7р. (5sc , 1inc )×4 (28sc)
8р. (6sc , 1inc )×4 (32sc)
9-13р. (32sc)
14р. (6sc ,1dec )×4times (28sc)
15р. (28sc)
16р. (5sc ,1dec )×4times (24sc)
17-20р. (24sc)
21р. (4sc ,1dec )×4times (20sc)
22-24р. (20sc)
25р. Fold in half and crochet 10sc, finish crocheting, fasten yarn.
We embroider faces to your liking.
Sew the head tightly.
We put the ears closer to each other and sew them neatly.

How to add straps to shorts:
We divide the tummy visually in half and from the center to the left we push 7 loops, for the front loops of the 22nd row we crochet with a yarn of an additional color 15sc, 1ch we turn crocheting and continue to crochet 15sc, 1ch we turn crocheting and crochet 15sc So we crochet 6 rows.
7th row: 2sc, 7ssn., 2sc we finish crocheting, fasten and hide the yarn.
Divide the back also visually in half, retreat from the center to the left 3 loops, crochet an additional color 7sc 1ch turn crocheting crochet 7sc 1ch and from the second loop crochet 6sc 1ch turn crocheting and crochet 6sc 1ch from the second loop crochet 5sc 1ch turn crocheting and crochet 5sc
We do not finish crocheting, but we collect 25ch and in the chain from the 4th pelti we crochet sbn to the end of the dialed chain – this will be the shoulder strap, we connect the chain with the back detail, we crochet 2sc and we collect 25ch, we repeat everything that we did with the first straps.
Sew the finished straps with buttons to the front of the shorts.
The straps can be made lighter:
Type a chain from ch and sew it in a V-shape from the back to the shorts for the front loops of row 22, and sew in front as you like to the front loops of row 22.

This is a free crochet pattern for making a bunny in overalls using the amigurumi technique. The pattern includes step-by-step instructions and detailed diagrams to guide you through the process. It is suitable for beginners with some experience in amigurumi. The finished bunny measures approximately 12 inches tall and is made using worsted weight yarn. You will need to know how to work in the round, increase, decrease, and make slip stitches to complete this project. The overalls are created by working two pieces separately and then sewing them together. This bunny in overalls makes a cute and unique addition to any amigurumi collection or Easter decor.